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Treat yourself to a relaxing massage after an active day at the beach with a professional $85.00 massage at your residence

Do you need to unwind and de-stress? Is it hard for you to relax or slow down? We can accommodate up to 4 therapist at a time

Our expert massage practitioners are trained in a number of techniques, any of which will leave you relaxed and energized for the adventures ahead

Online Booking or call direct TEL +1 721 526 5574 - Male , Female or duo team on call 24 hours a day During the day all massages cost $85.00 Per hour at your residence


SXM Full Service Massage Available 24 hours a day on St martin

SXM On site Massage aims to bring this ancient practice ( sxm style ) anywhere on st Maarten , 24 hours a day ! Orient Beach , Dawn Beach , Sonesta and Simpson Bay

Most sxm hotels usually offer vacation massage packages. SXM massage has one special massage technique that you will only experience by contacting one of our specialist . Many other beach massage therapist try and copy our services , we do not do beach massages or work the sxm beaches

Our goal is to provide you the best massage therapy experience at the comfort of your own home or hotel room that is truly worth of your hard earned money!  We have a variety of massage services for all and you will be pampered by our Massage Therapy experts with years of experience in the Industry

Do you need a soothing touch? Do you like the feeling of renewal or rejuvenation? Would you like to experience a profound well-

being in body and mind? Would you like to try our breathtaking a very light soft touch?the royal massage is great for deep relaxation and stress management. What's so special about SENUAL TOUCH massage? The massage is totally focused on YOU.

It's finely tuned to your needs. Before the massage, our masseuse asks you exactly what you want.

During the massage, your feedback is welcome. Before making a online booking please take note of our prices

Available 24 hours a day advance booking is recommended
We have highly trained and skilled massage therapists waiting for you.


This site is dedicated to bringing health,happiness, joy and unbridled passion to all who tread this path.

The nudist full body massage with oil is the most popular kind of massage we offer its done by a duo massage team ( male- female )

In this massage, skin and muscles gently kneaded. The use of aromatic oils, if desired fragrance free oil used by iron and kneading the muscles relax and the skin feels wonderfully supple. This massage provides total relaxation. this massage is preformed by a male masseur & cost $120 .00 Per Hour and is really innocent by nature