We bring the massage to you while vacationing on St.Maarten - Full Body Massage- Relaxations - Swedish & Couples ( Female Masseuse & Male Masseurs

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Whether you are a massage therapy connoisseur or this will be your first massage, we can assure you that a massage at massagesxm will not be your run-of-the-mill rubdown, but a truly special experience
We all have unique qualities that make us shine and announce to the world that we are extraordinary. This holiday season,let us come in and let one of our signature services revitalize your core being. Call to schedule an appointment now.
We offer is a challenging sports massages that produces extraordinary results for all ages and all levels of fitness. Through a private sessions options, our mission is to introduce everyone to the adventurous journey of body therapy
Our massage sessions include in many "extras" that other therapists charge more for. Note that there is no pricing difference between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage on our menu. Deep Tissue and Trigger Point techniques are always available
To make an appointment, call 721-526-5574, e-mail, or schedule on line by clicking on the "Schedule Now" button . (Couples massages must be scheduled by phone.) If you cannot find an appointment time on the online schedule that works for you, give us a call and we will try to accommodate your schedule.


full_body_massageSXM Massage therapy On St.Maarten

While you enjoy your stay in St.Maarten - St. Martin , SXM on site massage & mobile spa invites you to meet our professional sxm massage therapist and indulge in the most luxurious way to relax with a professional massage that relaxes, soothes and de-stresses you while on your Caribbean vacation

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage after an active day at the beach with a professional $85.00 traditional massage at your residence , We can accommodate up to 4 therapist at a time for group sessions

Would you like to try our breathtaking a very light soft touch? These massages are great for deep relaxation and stress management. female massage cruise ship

Eliminating back, neck, and hip pain with massage therapy.

SXM Massage Service ( MassageSXM.com) specializes in the treatment of stress areas for business and sports professionals and clients vacationing on St.Maarten . The root of stress affects a series of muscles in a systematic manner, so the approach for each client is unique. The objective for us is to provide flexibility, normal range of motion without discomfort, and to assist the client as they return to their optimal level of physical ability.