Make Reservations for a Full Service Massage In St Maarten.

At Home , Hotel or Villas | Female To Male | male to females Therapists available 24 hours a day.


Find A Professional Male or Female Therapist Near You in St.Maarten | SXM .

Schedule your appointment to have two massage therapist come to you all  around your time frame  and we will be happy to send the right team.

Contact us for the best relaxation, Sensual, Full Service Massages and Our Group-On Deals for families!

We Travel To All Hotels in Simpson Bay, Condos in Cupecoy , Villas in Oysterpond and Private Residences in Terres Basse (both sides of country st maarten.

St Maarten Massage service has male & female masseuses that massage single clients as well as couples and special events while in vacationing on St Maarten.

Best Choice For Mind, Body and Spirit Rejuvenation

If you are uncomfortable with anything during your treatment, such as pressure, room temperature, the music or lighting, please let the theapist know. It is up to you if you would like to talk or remain quiet during your massage.

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Contact us by Calling +1 721 526 5574 or E-Mail:

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St Maarten Massage is Located in Cole Bay, | Tel: +(1) 721.526.5574 -

At St Marten Massage, we offer mainly onsite therapy to all villas, private homes and mega yachts in port at marina's around the island.

Massage SXM is the #1 professional  onsite massage service on the island, doing  business for over 11 years.

SXM Massage service promises you the best Soft or deep Touch, any wayyou like..

You  wont be dissappointed when you book with us & remember you can book online for a 4 hands massage with two therapist.

St Maarten Massage Service offers full body , Swedish , relaxation , deep tissue Stmaarten.

The Sensual full body to body therapy in st maarten that that be custom designed to your wishes.

We travel with  tables , candles and soft music.

Confirm your massage with us while on your Caribbean vacation in the privacy of your residence, hotel like the stars do or you can have a massage downtown Philipsburg, if you are coming by ship.

Our masseurs arrive at your residence  professionally dressed change into a more comfortable minimum  gear on arrival.

Our team of experienced  and professional  therapists on St Martin offers you &  the company you are traveling with

same day bookings & the best quality onsite massage in your hotel or villa that you will experience.

Our ladies and male therapist offer services for all occasions with open minds and a personal touch. We are a licensed massage company

We strive on being professional , on time and  priced for every budget.

Our $80.00 special allows couples to share 1 hour relaxation massage by 1 therapist for just $150.00.

Our Local Massage on demand delivers world-class massages to your doorstep in as little as 1 hour starting at $85.00 per hour .

We can bring our tables to your villa or private home while on the island and staying in Terres Basses, Orient Bay, Simpson Bay Marina or Cupecoy area.

The simultaneous touch of four hands on your body is bound to take you beyond the mind, beyond the body, beyond the everyday reality.

The world will look different when you open your eyes and take the step back into your life.

This is a place to remember how it feels to be free from your daily worries, how it feels to be relaxed, rejuvenated, full of energy, how it feels to be whole.

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The Four Hands Massage is exactly what it sounds like—two therapists using both hands to massage simultaneously.

Just imagine the flow of two therapists working in unison to ease muscle pain, relieve tension, and reduce stress—this is an unforgettable way to unwind.

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